The Sierra Valley Water Quality and Habitat Enhancement Project is
    one of 29 Proposition 84 grant awards made by the Sierra Nevada Conservancy
    for its Preservation of Ranches and Agriculture Lands grant program.  These
    funds are awarded to assist farmers and ranchers in 18 counties with
    conservation measures to protect California's Sierra watersheds.  

           Sierra Nevada Conservancy has been an important funding partner on
    numerous watershed improvement and conservation projects within Plumas and
    Sierra Counties.

    The current ranch lands project consists of several components:
           A district-wide weed abatement program
           Four individual site improvement projects
           Public education and outreach activities

    The Project goals and benefits:
           provide multiple natural resource benefits
           improve agriculture lands and productivity
           improve water quality
           enhance wildlife habitats
           increase local conservation understanding
           stimulate interest in future projects

           Sierra Valley is a rural ranching community.  Ranching, beef cattle and
    livestock production, as well as alfalfa, meadow and grain hay produced for local
    use and export are all important to the local economy of the valley.

           Additionally, the open spaces and wildlife habitat provided by these working
    landscapes make an important contribution to numerous bird species and other
    wildlife as they take up residence in the native meadows, planted alfalfa fields,
    sage and forested areas throughout the valley floor and surrounding uplands.

           For more information on Agriculture Water Quality & Other Water Programs       
Northern California Water Association at
        The Ranch Lands Project is supported locally by numerous partners including:
Plumas County Board of Supervisors
               Sierra County Board of Supervisors
               Natural Resource Conservation Service
               Upper Feather River Watershed Group
               Feather River Resource Conservation District
               Plumas-Sierra Department of Agriculture
               Plumas-Sierra UC Cooperative Extension
               Feather River Land Trust
Grazing Management ...
fencing is one tool to assist in
grazing management for water
quality benefits and to enhance
habitats in riparian areas.
Native Springs ...
At 5000 ft elevation, Sierra
Valley is one of the headwaters
for the Feather River system.
Agriculture Water Quality & Habitat Enhancement
Sierra Valley Resource Conservation District
Functional Diversion Structures...
increase water use efficiency and
improve forage productivity.