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    Welcome to SVRCD

        The Sierra Valley Resource Conservation District (SVRCD) has been
    coordinating  local conservation and restoration programs since the 1940's.
    Resource Conservation Districts (RCDs) were organized for the purposes of
    soil, water and natural resource conservation.   

        SVRCD serves the local community and landowners to provide assistance
    with all resource concerns.  The degree of assistance varies, but relies heavily
    on partnerships with both public and private land managers and successful
    grant applications to implement conservation projects.  Our partners include
    the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service,  US Forest Service, UC
    Cooperative Extension and private landowners & land managers.

                                        Current Events

                     *  Sierra Valley RCD Board Meeting
                                December 2, 2015  2:00pm  
                                 Sierraville Ranger District
                                       Hwy 89 Sierraville

 Plumas-Sierra Farm Bureau Dinner & Meeting
                                     November 13, 2015  
             * Agriculture Land Stewardship Workgroup,
                           Upper Feather River IRWM
                                  November 16, 2015
                             Quincy, CA  12:00 noon

      Watch the Upper Feather River IRWM website for meeting notices:
            Sierra Valley RCD, Feather River RCD, Upper Feather River Watershed
    Group and other local agriculture representatives are participating in the
    development of the new IRWM plan for the  Upper Feather River Watershed
    region.  The Workgroup welcomes the input of all agriculture stakeholders.
    For more information on how to become involved contact Workgroup
    Coordinator Kristi Jamason at

    Or contact one of the local participating agricultural organizations:    
   Sierra Valley RCD --
   Feather River RCD --
   Plumas-Sierra Farm Bureau --        
   Plumas-Sierra Cattlemen - or
   Upper Feather River Watershed Group --

           Categories of regional interest for the Sierra Valley RCD include stream
    restoration and erosion control, water conservation and use efficiency,  
    invasive specie and noxious weed control, agricultural economic stability,
    habitat enhancement, recreation and ag tourism, protection of water quality
    and quantity, and conservation education
    and outreach.  Contact us for more information on any of these topics.
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